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More options at language selection?

I've added an English subtitle to a video and some days later the subtitle was modified by another user into a two-language subtitle (English/Spanish) under the same language (English).

"No smiles, not a single word" >>> "No smiles, not a single word (sin sonrisas, ni una sola palabra)"

I think It should be obvious for users selecting a subtitle that an English subtitle is an English only subtitle.

Solutions: 2 subtitles being displayed simultaneously OR creating a different name for a two-language subtitle.
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Hi Iji,

Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry it's taken me a bit to respond to this. Right now, we don't support multi-language translations, but have heard that this is a feature that would be handy in future updates. Right now, the best approach in this situation might be to message the user who made the double-language subtitles, and see if they can't make Spanish-only subtitles, and restore the English subtitles to the way they were before they were modified.

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