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Video description shows HTML source or 'type': u'plain' instead of just YouTube description

 The video description part of, instead of just importing the YouTube description:

"These 5th grade girls raised over $1200 in 2 hours at a BART station selling baked goods and playing their sextet after being inspired by watching the film Girl Rising."

shows a chunk of HTML source that covers more than that, including e.g. uploader's name. See the copy in (revision 1) and attached screenshot.

To fellow Amara users: if you see the same thing in other Amara video pages, could you please add the link/s in comments to this topic?

To developers: Any explanation for that?

Thank you in advance,


Thanks 4 help my :D

Other instances where the descriptions of videos appear as 'type': u'plain': videos added from Kent Lewis' YouTube channel

to the Qatar Foundation International team after ca "2 months, 3 weeks ago" (videos added earlier have correctly transferred descriptions)

 Other instances - as in the first case, the video had been added by nuncho, "5 months, 2 weeks ago", I found those by looking up the other videos uploaded by him on the same "date":

Perhaps related, also added by nuncho on the same "date" and slightly earlier, Amara video pages where the description only says "{'type': u'plain'}" instead of importing the YT description:

I'm not implying that nuncho did anything particular while adding these videos: it was just simple to check those uploaded by him at that time. Were developpers perhaps trying something new back then? I was unable to find a github ticket about this.

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