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Linking to the translate page for a video in my app

I am building a webapp that helps organize volunteers to translate educational videos. Given a video id, I want to link to the page where translation is done in Burmese directly. Currently, I use the video_id to link to and then the user has to go through the process of translating and selecting burmese. I would like to link directly to here:{}

This would be equivalent to going to the video, selecting to translate to a new languate, and then selecting burmese. It is the page where the user actually inputs the translation into the boxes or translates by 4 seconds for a new video. Please let me know what part of the API I need to use in order to get to this directly becasue building a simple url is definitely not an option here. Thanks!

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Your web app seems very interesting but I can't answer your question. So I created - from this topic - a ticket #70800 that should appear in your list of tickets, and you should get an email when someone from Amara's technical staff replies to it.

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