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Blip's Big New Burps

In the tenderapp help forum, you had a great explanation on how to post a blip video to Amara by adding ?skin=rss to the end of the URL. Unfortunately, it does not work anymore.
Moreover, direct links to a blip video file don't work anymore in Amara or tout court either.
Example: I made the Cory Doctorow's "Scroogled" read by Wil Wheaton page by streaming the file to Amara and was able to caption it in English. Now it not only does not work in Amara, but it doesn't work tout court anymore: if you try to open that m4v file, you get redirected to , an inaccessible to the blind, unusable in general, video of a text that mentions an unclickable URL. As if they had modeled that on ICE's domain seizure notices. Anyway, here goes in sane text format:
This video is only available in the Blip player. Search or your favorite search engine for viable alternatives.For proper embedding, go to

Moreover: I had added the Amara-made subtitles on the original blip video page too, and they don't work there anymore either. And the download links and the creative commons license mention have disappeared too.

Maybe you tech wizards can find another way to bypass this "proper embedding" idiocy. But won't blip up the ante and create a new barrier?  And do you have a way to check all Amara pages created from blip, in case I goofed something and other ones actually work?

If they don't, then does it still make sense to include among the platforms Amara pages can be created from?

Update: I've now also posted about this on Blip's Help forum:,just in case they can and want to fix these issues. Not likely, though.
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OK, I found the explanation for the videos stopping to work in Amara pages created formerly from the URL of a blip file: blip has changed it's URL naming system.
So at times it works if you add the new URL for the file, as I've done for the above mentioned Amara page for Doctorow's "Scroogled" video.
But at times it doesn't even if you add the new URL: see the Google+ discussion Mirabai Knight and I are having about her that continues not working whatever file URL linked in
she uses to power it.
The irony is that this video is a recording of a "Plover: Thought to Text at 240 WPM"  lecture she gave about stenocaptioning...
Blip replied tonight to my May 2 query on their help forum: "Thank you for your detailed feedback. This has been forwarded along to our product development team for review in future releases." - which isn't much.... help. But maybe if you ask them to get moving, they will? Though I see you have removed blip from the list of usable platforms in Does this mean you too have given up on them?
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