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Aod for Hindi language

Sir, I have applied for the Aod Hindi language. And I have subtitled two videos from English language to Hindi language. You can see my sample of work. So please tell when the recruitment process will start.

please tell after subtitling two sample videos. What are the process of recuritment?

Apologies for the late reply, ASHISH RAJ: computer issue.

Didn't you get a reply with contact info when you applied for AOD?

If yes, try reaching out to that contact. If no: please create a support ticket, where you also add the links to your translations. This support ticket will go to Amara's tech staff, and of you leave Aod in the subject line, to staff more specifically.


Claude Almansi

Hi Claude Almansi I have applied in the month of Feb. I have subtitled two sample works.And yet there is no response that your application has been selected or not. So I want to know that my sample works are proper or not. Next what are the processes?whether I have to wait or apply again.what is the status of my application?

Thank you for your reply, ASHISH RAJ.

Normally, the Amara AOD team contact applicants, based on their application form, suggesting a Skype interview. At least that's how it went for me when I applied, but that was several years ago.

I'd suggest you first create a support ticket, where you also add the links to your translations, with AOD somewhere in the subject line. This should get you a reply from Amara staff in charge of AOD.  If you don't get a reply after a week, then yes, you could reapply.

Best wishes



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