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How to change font colour in a caption?

 You can distinguish two active speakers by

- inset your text here

- Angry man: insert your text here

But sometimes would be nice to distinguish them by colour. Many subtitle editors have this feature.

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Thanks for asking this, David.

Presently, the Amara editor does not offer the possibility to use color. However, you could download your subtitles as a DFXP (same as TTML) file, which supports color attributes. See if you wish to add the color attributes in the file. 

Personally, I am a bit wary of inserting things in DFXP files, so if I needed to use color coding, I'd first create the basic subtitles with Amara,  download the file and then use it with a desktop subtitling tool that offers a WYSIWYG option to add color.



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