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Which industry you think has the highest demand of mobile applications?

Which industry do you believe has the maximum use of the mobile applications? I am a writer, and I have been doing this study to write an informative novel on the role of mobile applications in today’s world. As every mobile app developer in canada or mobile app development company is struggling every day to come up with some exciting features and advancement to provide a good experience for the users, it evidently plays a vital role in society, but I want to take reviews from you people to make a proper statistic report that which industry you think has the high use and demand of the mobile applications. Please leave your responses in the comment section.

Hi Chris,

The filter directed our topic to the spam bin. I hesitated: on the one hand, in is not really pertinent to this support forum - Amara does not have a mobile app - but on the other hand, it is interesting per se, so I rescued it.

I guess all industries will soon be using mobile apps, possibly on production-only mobile devices. 



i think everyone wants to be on mobile now as today is the age of speed and everyone is saving time.

Hospitality and Food Service Industries

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