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Removed YouTube videos

How to search for subtitles if they were available till the video was on the YouTube, now the video has been removed the subtitles are removed too?

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Thank you for the further explanation, Ali.

Taking an example I know (because I was involved in the subtitling), "Pompeii: Burried Alive": was create by Dwi Rianto using the URL, and he, Esther Premkumar and  Istarted making subtitles. Then the YouTube video got deleted, so it no longer worked in the Amara page. 

Later on I found another version of the video in So we added this second URL to the Amara page and made it primary. As there was a difference in timing, we fixed the existintle subtitles, and other people di more subtitles.

Now this second YouTube page has ALSO been deleted, but the subtitles remain: they could be downloaded and used on a desktop (or another online) copy of the video. Or downloaded as TXT if you just want to read the content.

Does that answer your question?



yeah true you can find them in both places but google is simpler one i think

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