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Returning to unfinished video translation

Hi there,

I've done some subtitling and sometimes don't have time to complete the work. I find I have problems trying tp re-find the video because there seems to be no search option for that purpose. Is there some way of saving the video so I can return to it easily?

Advance thanks.

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Thank you for your question, smiffy.

You will find the subtitles you have been working on in the Activity tab of your profile, from the most recent to the oldest. You can get there by

  1. choosing Profile in the drop list that opens from your username, top right of pages when you are logged in;
  2. clicking on the Activity tab in the new page that opens.

If you don't find the subtitles you want in that page, then you probably have more than one Amara  profile. If you are aware of such other profile/s, try logging into them and checking their activity tab.

If you are not aware of them, they might still exist: sometimes people accidentally create further profiles, especially if they first signed up via an external app.

Anyway, if you can't find the subtitles you were working on via the Activity tab of your profile/s, please contact Amara's tech staff by creating a support ticket via they will be able to help you.

Happy searching,

Claude Alamansi

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