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Subtitled videos - Target language > Greek (ARTE)

Hello there. I've already subtitled and submitted three videos as you saw in the topic title to the ARTE team. When exactly they're going to be approved?

Best Regards,


HI Thanassis

I am as baffled as you by the approval process in the ARTE team: all I can tell you is that when I did the Italian subtitles for Crimea: Russia's Shadow - ARTE (the video for which you first completed Greek subtitles), it also took over 3  weeks for them to be approved, But I don't know by whom, as none of the Italian-translating team members has rank to review them, let alone approve them; we are all just "contributors". And the same seems to obtain for Greek-translating members.

You could try to create a ticket via it will go to Amara staff, who will be able to answer you.

Merry Xmas:



Okay, Claude. I already created a ticket. Thanks for the answer.

I saw your profile and I thought you were a guy. You know a lot of languages whereas I only know one.

I envy you somehow.

Anyway, Merry Xmas to you too.

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