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Bigger character count for inflectional languages?


I've recently started translating into Czech through Amara both for Khan Academy and TED and already I've experienced some serious brain-racking springing from a rigid character count; Czech being an inflectional language- and in general the words are sometimes arbitrarily just longer -some of the information is simply impossible to render, so I have to omit a great deal (of grammar words, usually). 

Does it not stand to reason that some languages' stylistic and morphological nature should be taken into consideration when creating subtitles? Or ist it that the fluency of the subtitles is more important than content faithfulness? 

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Good question, Martin, thanks.

For videos that you are independently subtitling, you are free to ignore the character number indications. So maybe you could check existing recommendations for Czech subtitles?

However, if the video belongs to a team, please check if the team has language-specific recommendations. If not,, see if there is a / are Czech language coordinator/s, and contact them via their profile, and ask them.


Claude Almansi
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