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Why can't I see some YouTube videos here?

I have uploaded a four part video and finished subtitle files for them, but the last two videos cannot be seen. I get two error messages:

1. Playback on other websites [than YouTube] has been deactivated by the owner of the video.


2. This videotype is not supported by the Amara Embedder. You can check if your hosting service offers HTML5 video resources.

As a newcomer I am not sure that I understand this. But it seems to suggest that the cause of the problem is the video owner's settings for these two videos. He is a newcomer too and is also bewildered about this. One setting that seems relevant is YouTube's privacy settings, and as to that all four videos are set to be public.

The four videos of which only the last two ones make trouble are found here:

Can anybody tell me what settings on YouTube could cause these two videos to be inaccessible for Amara?


Soeren Frederiksen

Thank you for your question,  Soeren. 

In order to create a working Amara page,  the original video must be set as public or unlisted, and embedding must be allowed. 

Then if a video is added to a members-only private group, non-members can't see it either: this seems to be case for the last two Amara pages you listed, which say: "We're sorry - the page you are trying to access does not exist".

I hope this helps? 


Claude Almansi 

Dear Claude Almansi

Thanks for the very quick reply. I will get the owner to look at that. Hope that works. 


Soeren Frederiksen

Dear Claude Almansi

On second thought, I don't think I understand. The two videos in question are actually fully public, since I am not registered as a member of any group there and I can see the videos on YouTube. So this can not be the cause of the invisibility of the two videos. Then I wonder what you mean by "embedding must be allowed". Does "embedding" cover more than "a members-only private group" setting? What sort of setting on YouTube corresponds to "embedding"? Can you suggest where the owner might find and make a setting that makes the videos embedded? 


Soeren Frederiksen

Dear Soeren Frederiksen.

I am puzzled too. Could you give the URLs of the YouTube videos, with their titles, please?

About embedding: see the "Manage video embedding options" section in the YouTube Embed videos & playlists tutorial. Under "Turn off embedding for your videos" it says:

If you've uploaded a video and don't want to allow others to embed your video on external sites, follow these steps:
  1. Go to your Video Manager.
  2. Go to the video you want to turn off embedding for and click Edit.
  3.  Under the video, click Advanced settings.
  4.  Under "Distribution Options,"uncheck the Allow embedding checkbox. Click Save changes.

So if you want to allow embedding, just leave "Allow embedding" checked, or recheck it if you unchecked it previously. Then save changes.



Dear Claude,


Thank you for that suggestion. It may well be the cause of the trouble with these two videos. I'll contact the owner and try this solution out.


I have researched embedding in YouTube tutorials following your suggestion, and, for the record, there is at least one other embed setting that may be relevant here. The one you mention is a setting for a particular video. Another embed setting to check out is a general rule regarding videos one owns. One may set up a rule that restricts embedding generally or specifically to particular sites. This is from a page called Restrict Embedding at:


I'll contact the owner and try these things out. But I suspect there are many more settings that may cause the trouble. One of the error messages seems to say that the videos are not in HTML5, if I understand it correctly, and this might perhaps also have caused the trouble. But I have not found any material that throw light on this.


The URLs of the YouTube videos that causes trouble and their titles are:


Cynthia Bourgeault, Ways of the Heart, Talk #3


Cynthia Bourgeault, "The Ways of the Heart", talk #4




Dear Soeren,

In fact, in the YouTube videos Cynthia Bourgeault, Ways of the Heart, Talk #3 and Cynthia Bourgeault, "The Ways of the Heart", talk #4, embedding has been disabled, whereas it has not in the first two videos.

As all 4 videos are uploaded in Robert A. Jonas' channel, this embed disabling does not seem to result from a general channel setting. Maybe he accidentally unchecked "Allow embedding" when configuring some other advanced setting?

Thanks for letting me discover his channel.




Dear Claude

This is brilliant! That seems to settle the question once and for all. I'll contact the owner and try it out. 

Thanks a lot,


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