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How can two people work on the same language

Is there a way for two independent translators to work on separate parts of the same language transcription on a video?

One of them would work on the first half, while the other on the second. The transcription could be done at a much faster speed.

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Thank you for raising this important question, Pablo.

The way to do what you propose is to use a second language track for the second part of the video: e.g. you could create a "Metadata: Geo", "Metadata: Twitter" or "Metadata: Wikipedia" second track.

When both parts are finished, you download them as SBV files (1) and you paste them together with a text editor - Notepad, TextEdit, Gedit... - and save the result as UTF-8 encoded plain text, but with the.sbv extension (instead of the .txt one) and you upload the new file containing both parts in the real language track of the video, which will then show complete captions/subtitles.

I hope this helps. If it's too abstract, maybe we could try concretely with an Amara video page of your choice?

Caude Almansi

(1) The reason for using SBV files rather than other formats offered for download is that SBV files only have time codes, no ordering numbers or other indications, and thus they are easier to paste together.


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