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I can’t subtitle the video

I am trying to subtitle the video: But it doesn’t work. The tasks do not appear to me. We tried everything. 

Can you help me?

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Thank you for reporting this, Vitor.

If you sign in to Amara with your TED ID, in, you will see  "View tasks for this video" on the left. If you follow this link, you'll see:

"Approve Original Portuguese, Brazilian Subtitles

Original Language: Portuguese, Brazilian

Video: Quantas Vezes Você Já se Sentiu Rea... ( 16:34 )

Subtitles: latest draft reviewed and edited by Fabíola Luana Cordeiro ."

with the mention "Unassigned". This means that a team member with approval privilege - a coordinator, presumably - must pick up the approval task.

However, you can view the existing subtitles in, and download them from the same page. So if you notice an error - which as the speaker you would - you can mention it in the comments of that page.

I hope this helps?


Claude Almansi


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