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Video language selection deleted after (by?) the June 29, 2013 upgrade

 In some video pages where the video language had been  selected before the June 29, 2013 upgrade of the Amara software, this selection has been deleted after (by?) this upgrade. 

Example .

[Note: this is the same video mentioned in the The URLs of several subtitle sets have changed. Another aftershock of the June 29, 2013 upgrade? topic, because its subtitles have been affected by this change of URL. The issue with its language selection was also pointed out to me by luciab]

When I started the original Italian subtitles  for this video on  May 24, 2013, I selected Italian as the language of the video. This selection was still working when awemaze translated these Italian subtitles into English , French  and German  on May 25, 2013. But when I checked it on July 12, 2013, because of luciab's comment on my blog, the language selection had been deleted. And it's still deleted now.


  • The player in , which should show the Amara Italian subtitles with "Italian subtitles" preselected in the droplist below it, now doesn't show Amara subtitles and the droplist says "Select Language. See attached novideolanguage_mainplayer.jpg . Only the YouTube subtitles (in red in the attachment) show, not the Amara subtitles. 
  • When the Create a new translation! link below the player is clicked, the dialog box requests that the video language be selected and the personalized preselected options for  "Subtitle into:" and "Translate from:" are even zanier than usual: in my case,  "Subtitle into Greek" and "Translate from German" while the video is in Italian, there are Italian subtitles, and Greek is a language I only translate from, not into. See attached novideolanguage_translate.jpg .
  • When the link in "...You can upload them directly" is clicked, the dialog box requests selecting the video's language. See attached novideolanguage_upload.jpg .

There is therefore a palpable risk that someone, wanting to translate  existing subtitles or to upload an existing translation, might wrongly the video's language.

Other cases

The previously selected language of the video has also been de-selected after (by?) the June 29 upgrade, entailing the same risk, in:

(from the videos listed in  - developers might also be interested in the two video pages where the video language selection was NOT deleted after (by?) the June 29 upgrade, to understand why this bug struck some videos and not other ones)

Same issue with:

(from to of my profile, after which I got bored; however, again, developers might be interested in the video pages where the video language selection was NOT deleted after (by?) the June 29 upgrade, to understand why this bug struck some videos and not other ones)

Other profiles worth checking for videos with the same issue: jngiam  and stanford-bot, who added / subtitled a great quantity of videos to / with Amara when Coursera had a team there (Coursera deleted its Amara team a few months ago, but all the video pages of the team are still available on the "normal" Amara site).

Can developpers please find a way to restore the originally selected language for the video pages where this language has been deselected after (by?) the June 29 upgrade?

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July 28, 2013: the issue is also present in Capitalism and Socialism: Crash Course World History #33 , which Anne H. mentioned today in the Subtitles missing spaces?  topic.

Moreover, the line breaks in the English subtitles of this video have also been deleted by / after the June 29, 2013 upgrade: See CC's What happened to all the LINE BREAKS within subtitles? They're all gone now. Does it have to do with the upgrade?  topic.


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