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The URLs of several subtitle sets have changed. Another aftershock of the June 29, 2013 upgrade?

 In a comment  dated July 12, 2013 on my blog, luciab  pointed out to me that several URLs leading to subtitle pages in a work document  we had used early in June for an activity with Amara within a cMOOC, weren't working anymore now. Here they are:

  1. Italian:
  2. English:
  3. French:
  4. German:

The pages they lead to all say "Sorry, the page you requested was not found."

Fortunately I had also indicated the URL for the video's main page - - in that document, so we were able to see that the subs were still there, but with different URLs now:

  1. Italian:
  2. English: 
  3. French:
  4. German: 

Otherwise, as I had added the video to the Captions Requested team, I might have thought some admin or owner had goofed with the new Delete Subtitle Language function (see here ).

It made me wonder if there might not be other cases of subtitles that had changed URLs. So I checked the subtitles submitted for deletion in the Removing subtitles or videos  topic after Amara staff stopped deleting them at the end of February 2013 (i.e from p. 5  of that topic). All their URLs also lead to pages that say "Sorry, the page you requested was not found," giving the false impression that Amara Staff has started again fulfilling these deletion requests. 

Not so: here too, the URLs for the subtitles have changed, but the subtitles are still there:

  1.  is now .
  2.  is now 
  3.  is now
  4.  is now
  5.  is now 
  6.  is now 
  7.  is now 
  8.  is now 
  9.  is now 
  10.  is now 
  11.  is now
  12.  is now

So, is this yet another aftershock of the June 29, 2013 upgrade? E.g. a consequence of the reinsertion of  subtitles that were initially deleted by it (see My subtitles are gone)?
It certainly looks so: users can't create a second set of subtitles in the same language. But anyway, can't Amara developers check what other subtitle URLs have been affected by this glitch, and create a redirect from the former URLs to the new ones?
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One more:  is now . As these are the English subs for the "Amara Town Hall -- Oct 23, 2012" video (1:09:14), which I did solo in answer to Jules Rincón's Help Needed: Turning this CART transcript into a Transcript for the video (and then into subtitles) , I'd have been really miffed if they had disappeared.


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