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Do others have access to my account?


After subtitling a video which I had uploaded to my space, I noted the address of the video on Amara.

But when I open it, I can see not only my video but all my account details etc.

Is this because I'm opening it from my computer which is logging on to my account automatically, or have I made a mistake?

Will others be able to access my account with the address I have given them?



Hello Calmansi

Thanks for the answer.

And yes, I find it strange that Amara asks for my help to translate into languages that I can read but which are not my mother tongue

Finally, your advice to download files in format SSA and not SRT proved very useful when I had to add a line I had missed.




Not to worry: only the profile owner sees his/her full profile with the 4 tabs "Activity,  Videos, Personal Info, Account" when s/he clicks on his/her username in a video. Others only see the first 2 tabs, "Activity, Videos" (my guess is that this is done via the javascript in the head of our profile pages, but I don't know javascript)

It's not a matter of which computer/device you are viewing it from, but of Amara software personalizing the viewing according to whether the viewer is logged in as the account owner  (4 tabs) - or as another user or not logged in (2 tabs).

It's possibly the ONE case of Amara's personalized viewing that makes sense. The other ones, based on the languages we indicate in our profiles to show us existing subs or incite us to subtitle in given languages, spew total nonsense due to the software only allowing us to indicate these languages in a most coarse manner (no distinction between active and passive languages).

Off my hobby horse for now :D


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