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Uploaded an SRT file but it hasn't appeared


I uploaded an SRT file for the first time. Everything appeared to go ok and I got a 'success' message but then no further instructions and the text has not appeared amongst the available languages after 90 minutes.

Is there a moderator or something else that stops it being published or do I have to do sth else?


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Some teams have moderation, but the link to the subs should still appear in the left navbar even before the subtitles have been approved, and the subtitles should be viewable by team members. However, on March 21, 2013, Isabel Vaz Belchior's Portuguese subtitles for Mister Rogers Remixed | Garden of Your Mind | PBS Digital Studios  took hours to appear. So maybe the server is a bit slow.

And sometimes the subs are there but there is no link in the navbar. The trick to view them is to use the URL for an existing set of subs, scrap the number at the end and replace its language code by the language acronym for the subs whose link doesn't appear.


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