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"Subtitles Off" by default in embedded video

I've added subtitles to a Vimeo video, and would like to embed from Amara into my web site. I would like the subtitles for the embedded video to be off by default, but allow users to select the English subtitles I've created.

Is there any way to do this currently? I tried setting “base_state”: {“language”: “off”} (hey, stab in the dark) and that didn't work, but it'd be nice if it did. :-)


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Try setting the video language as "English, British", and the subtitles language as "English" (or vice versa): when that was done by mistake for one video, the result was what you describe (even though it was not the result aimed at in that case). I.e. the player doesn't seem to display any subs until it's got one set in the "original" language.

I hope it works for you too - and if it doesn't, that someone from Amara will explain a more technically orthodox way.


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