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Questions about short URLs for Amara video pages

Presently, in the descriptions of YouTube videos that are synced with Amara subtitles, the invitation to subtitle them has  a shortened URL for the relevant Amara page.

Example: in "SCOTUS Justices: How Does a Justice Retire?" , this message says:

"Help us caption and translate this video on "

and automatically redirects to .

Being able to use such shortened URLs on twitter, facebook, in e-mails etc would be very handy. However, when you click on the Share buttons for these things on an Amara page, the automatically inserted URL is the one up to info/ - in the above example,  . So:

  1. Could Amara use the same shortened URL as in these YT messages in the ones generated by these share buttons, and also indicate it as a permalink in the left navbar?
  2. If this is not feasible, could you tell us how we can generate these shortened URLs ourselves, in the logic of the Amara software being open?

Thank you in advance.


 Hi Claude,

Putting the shortcode in the share items is a great idea. I asked the team about it and we're going to put it in our to-do shortlist. Will let you know once it goes live.


I would also like this feature. Will it be available soon? 

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