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3 questions about Amara messaging when recipient is not member of any team?

In Restore the Send a message link in users' profiles  in the Your suggestions to make Amara great board I explained why it is so important for collaborative subtitling to be able to message fellow subtitlers, even if they don't belong to a team.

However, the URLs of Send a message links for all participants listed in any team member list seem to have the following form:

I.e. there is nothing team-specific about these URLs.

So, until Amara developers hopefully restore the Send a message link in all users' profiles:

  • Would it be possible to use that URL model, replacing "username" by the real user name?
  • Would the numeric version of the the username linked to on the subs made by a user - e.g. in my case: 10595 - also work? o
  • Or should we fish the alphabetic username - e.g. calmansi for me - from one of the activities listed in the profile?
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