Learn more about your team workflow by checking your Dashboard.

Select your team from the username dropdown menu in the top right corner of the Amara site. Check your team Dashboard to see if your team gives assignments or not.


Mouse selecting a team from the username menu  


When you know whether your team uses assignments or not, look in the appropriate section below for instructions on how to:

  • Find videos that need subtitles

  • Start working on subtitles in your language

  • Edit existing subtitles

Without assignments

This is what your team Dashboard looks like if your team does not have assignments:


Team dashboard without assignments

For teams without assignments, any team member can start subtitles as soon as a video is added to the team.

With assignments

This is what your team dashboard looks like if your team does have assignments:


Assignments highlighted on the dashboard of a contributor on an Amara team

If your team dashboard looks like this, Managers, Administrators, or Owners of your team must request subtitles in a language before team members can start work. 

This article describes how to contribute to your team by:

  • Finding videos that need subtitles

  • Starting new subtitles

  • Editing existing subtitles

Find videos that need subtitles: 

Find available videos added to your team on your Dashboard or filter, sort, and find a specific video in the Videos tab.

Team Dashboard

Videos that have been recently added to the team will automatically show up on your dashboard. If you see a video you want to work on, you can start subtitles in your language directly from the Dashboard. 


Dashboard for contributor on a team with no assignments highlighting action items to start subtitles or find other videos

To view all team videos, click Videos in the navigation menu at the top of the page or the Find more videos that need subtitling link under videos on your Dashboard.

Videos tab

Filter, sort, search, and find team videos on the Videos tab. When you find a video you want to work on, click on the thumbnail.

Filters, search bar, sort order menu, and video thumbnail highlighted and numbered on the videos page for a contributor on an Amara team without assignments

  1. Filter team videos by video language and duration

  2. Search for videos by title

  3. Sort videos by date added, video title, and number of completed languages

  4. Click on the video thumbnail to start new subtitles for the video or edit subtitles made by another team member

Start new subtitles in your language 

Clicking on the video thumbnail will bring you to the video detail page, where you can start new subtitles, edit subtitles, or view video history.


  1. Create new subtitles in your language

  2. Edit existing subtitles

  3. View video information and activity

Edit existing subtitles

Clicking on the subtitle language will take you to the subtitle details page, where you can view subtitle history or edit subtitles. 


This article describes how to find assignments and start work on your Amara team. 

Finding assignments

For Amara teams with assignments, you can only work on subtitles that are currently in progress. If you need to make edits to completed subtitles, contact your team managers or administrators.

Team Dashboard


Team dashboard with taken and available assignments highlighted and numbered

  1. View assignments you already started 

  2. View available assignments by language and type

    • Click the assignment type in the box to view all assignments filtered of that type

Videos tab


Filters, search bar, sort order menu, and assignment action item highlighted and numbered on the video page for a contributor on an Amara team with assignments

  1. Filter team assignments by:

    • Video language 

    • Subtitle language

    • Project folder

    • Assignment type

    • Video duration

  2. Search by video title

  3. Sort assignments by due date

  4. Click the teal button to take the assignment and enter the Editor