If you have feedback or ideas for the platform, or want suggest a feature, please share by emailing support@amara.org or posting in the forums.

Product updates coming soon:

Editor Improvements

  • The keyboard shortcut for splitting (ctrl+enter) was a huge hit. Soon we'll allow joining adjacent subtitles as well. For translations this should be a big time-saver. We'll also be making the subtitle handles larger, allowing "nudge mode" for shifting subtitle endpoints more granularly, allowing dragging or moving two adjacent subtitle endpoints at once, and highlighting subtitles that need to be double-checked right in the video player so you subtitlers don't need to be looking in too many places at once while reviewing the video.

Completed improvements:

Q2 2019

  • Increased workflow control and easier monitoring for Collaboration teams

    • Set, monitor and manage due dates for different subtitle requests individually or in bulk

    • add titles when you add videos to your team in bulk

    • download subtitles in bulk from your team

    • Set the new limited contributor role on collaboration teams via the Amara API

  • Clearer video card display for Collaboration teams (on team dashboard as well as management page grid views)

  • Beta editor available from within the regular editor, with several experimental features to try

  • New Amara API docs


Q1 2019

  • Simple and Collaboration Teams

    • Videos, number of team members, and a breakdown of languages being subtitled are now displayed for the last 7 days, 30 days, and all time at the bottom of the Team Dashboard

    • two new views for Management pages:

      • a compact list view, so that you can see more requests at once and more details about each

      • a more image-oriented grid view of requests

    • notifications sent to team members are now customizable on the new Notifications settings page

    • updated settings page: "messaging" with new option for custom messages in multiple languages

  • Collaboration Teams Only

    • A new team role, "Limited Contributor," can only take transcription/translation assignments

    • subtitlers can now see details about assignments before they accept them

    • team dashboard updated to make it easier to find the assignments you're looking for


Q4 2018

  • Amara Editor improvements:

  • Simple teams ready to use for Amara Plus clients! (added landing page and team dashboard, start new language ability)

  • New pages for Simple and Collaboration teams, with additional features: member profile page, two new team settings pages for more team customization and clarity of workflows, 4 updated settings pages and updated Team Landing page for non-members

  • updated team notifications for actions on team members, subtitles, and videos

  • Collaboration Teams got an updated Workflows settings page

  • upgraded our web framework to django 1.11


Q3 2018


Q2 2018



Q1 2018


Q4 2017


Q3 2017

  • Https only for amara.org

  • New amara.org homepages and headers with improved navigation

  • Upgraded Amara <> Brightcove Integration

  • New infrastructure

  • Collaboration teams: 

    • ability to reopen subtitle requests after complete

    • Ability to send back work from evaluation team to work team


Q2 2017

  • Collaboration teams new pages (Amara v1.8 release) with improved team management capabilities for managers and admins: Management page, Videos Overview page, Team Dashboard, Video Details Page, Subtitle Details Page, Member Profile Page

  • Evaluation assignment for multiple team workflows fully supported in new Collaboration Teams UI

  • Collaboration team project filters expanded to support multiple team workflows


Q1 2017

  • Improvements to support of new subtitle formats: SCC, ITT, CAP

  • Improved caching to protect against DDoS attacks

  • Ability to set up API callbacks for for multiple teams

  • Collaboration teams: Ability for admins to set either Assignment Deadlines based on when work is claimed or Due Dates based on fixed delivery date