Subtitle cell is a text entry field in the subtitle editor. Each subtitle cell contains the text that will appear on the video screen at a certain moment. You can add or edit this text:

In addition to the text itself, a subtitle cell also has the following elements:

1. Start time, which is displayed on the right-hand side for left-to-right languages (such as English, Spanish, or Chinese) and on the left-hand side for right-to-left languages (such as Arabic, Hebrew, or Urdu). This field is read-only. You cannot enter or modify the start time for a subtitle from the keyboard; instead, please set or adjust timing as recommended here.

2. Paragraph mark () on the left from the subtitle text. When toggled on (and displayed in black), this mark indicates that this subtitle starts a new paragraph in a transcript viewer on Amara video page (example) or on (example). When toggled off, it is grayed out. You can toggle this mark on and off by clicking it.

3. Wrench icon on the left-hand side, which appears when you hover the mouse over the subtitle cell. If you hover the mouse over this icon, it expands the local Tools menu for the cell:

Local Tools menu includes the following items:

  • Seek to subtitle - instantly skips the video forward or back to the moment when this subtitle starts
  • Insert subtitle above - inserts a new empty subtitle cell above the selected one. Keyboard shortcut: ALT+i (Windows, Linux), COMMAND+i (Mac OS X)
  • Insert subtitle belowinserts a new empty subtitle cell below the selected one. Keyboard shortcut: ALT+SHIFT+i (Windows, Linux), COMMAND+SHIFT+i (Mac OS X)
  • Delete subtitle - permanently deletes the subtitle cell. Keyboard shortcut: ALT+DELETE or ALT+BACKSPACE (Windows, Linux), OPTION+DELETE or OPTION+BACKSPACE (Mac OS X)
  • Start note for current time - pastes the start time for the current subtitle into the note editor in the bottom right-hand corner of subtitle editor, so that you can conveniently comment on this subtitle to other collaborators.

As you edit text or navigate in the subtitle editor, the background color of subtitle cells can change:

  • White - for the active subtitle cell, where you are currently typing text
  • Gray - for inactive cells
  • Yellow - for blank (empty) cells lacking text
  • Light blue - for the cells with the subtitle currently shown on the video.

Last but not least - before you finish, all the subtitles must have text and start and end times. Transcripts or translations with blank or untimed subtitles cannot be marked as complete. If you have any blank subtitles, please fill the out with text or delete them. If there are any untimed subtitles left, please sync them.