Sometimes, when you open your subtitles for editing, you may see the following dialog in the editor:

This means that your previous session editing these subtitles did not end gracefully: your computer or Web browser crashed before you could save your work, your session was left idle and timed out, or you did not close the editor after saving your last changes. For any unsaved work you have in the browser, a backup gets created locally on your computer at regular intervals so that it does not get lost in event of a crash. If the editing session does not end gracefully, the next time you resume editing, you will be prompted to restore subtitles from this backup.

If you click Restore, this will load subtitles from your local storage. If you click Discard, this will irreversibly erase the local backup version and load the last saved subtitle version from Amara server.

If you are unsure which option to choose, we strongly recommend that you select Restore. If you find that you do not like anything about the subtitles you have in your local backup, you can always easily load the last saved version by choosing Revert to last saved version from the Tools menu (Wrench icon above the editing panel in the editor). However, if you choose Discard, you cannot change your mind later - the backup will be erased!

Important: Once you have restored your subtitles after a crash or a time out, make sure you save them as soon as possible to avoid loss of your work!