If, while editing your subtitles, you leave the computer (or a browser tab with the subtitling editor open) idle without moving the mouse or hitting the keyboard keys, in 15 minutes your session will end. The software lock on your subtitles will be lifted, and they will become available to other users for editing. This was done so that an open editor left forgotten in a browser tab did not block collective work on a subtitle set.

If your session expires, you will see the following dialog in your editor:

Click Try to resume work button. If nobody else has started editing your subtitles, you will regain the lock on the subtitles and resume editing from the place where you had stopped.

However, if another user is already working on these subtitles, you will see the following pop-up:

If you have some unsaved work in the subtitling editor you care about, click Download Subtitles button. This will download a file with a backup of your subtitles in DFXP format. You can upload it later, if necessary, or keep it on your computer for your own use.

Close Editor button closes the subtitle editor and lands you back on the video page.