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Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is the current list of shortcuts we are working to implement in the new editor.

Let's use this space to capture suggestions.

Note: Shift-tab isn't yet implemented, but it's planned for the very near future.

Attached is a text version.

(3.78 KB)

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In the Browser defaults that should just work section, the Mac OS shortcut for "Jump to the next whole word" should be  "Alt + RIGHT Arrow" and the one for  "Jump to the previous whole word" should be  "Alt + LEFT Arrow": the presently indicated shortcuts - "Cmd + RIGHT Arrow" and "Cmd + LEFT Arrow" - jump, respectively to the end and to the beginning of the line.

(Tried so far in the new editor with Firefox 27.0.1 on a Mac with Mac OS X 10.6.8).


This topic is still in progress: for some changed shortcuts, check also the New Editor Feedback topic and its comments.


Would it be possible to have keyboard shortcuts for finetuning the beginning and end of subtitles? Maybe something with left and right arrows, and another key combination. Or could these timestamps be modified via a droplist ? See the exchange between VeroneBlack and me in .


I don't know if it's just me (because I'm still an amateur subtitler) but It would be really useful if I could snip a subtitle from the position of the caret to the end of the subtitle, and put it into a new/next subtitle.

So a single key combination replacing the following 

      0. Position caret at desired position

  1. Ctrl+Shift+End (select from caret to end of line)
  2. Ctrl+X (cut selected)
  3. Enter/Return (start new subtitle)
  4. Ctrl+V (paste selected)

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It's an interesting idea, Aditya. However, even if there were a shortcut for splitting a subtitle at the position of the caret, you'd stil have to first position the caret, then use the shortcut. So it'd be 2 instead of 5, and not 1 instead of 5, actions.

And then, that would work only with unsynced subtitles, because if the subtitle to be split is already synced, you'd still have to resync the end of the first new sub and the start of the second one. This could be the reason why, though it has a lot of keyboard shortcuts because it has been designed bearing in mind the needs of blind subtitlers, has a shortcut for gluing two subtitles together, but does not have one for splitting a subtitle into two.


This topic is still in progress: for some changed shortcuts, check also the New Editor Feedback topic and its comments.

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I'm new to the Amara platform, so maybe I just missed it.
where is the obvious "jump to the previous subtitle line", the opposite of pressing <enter>.



Thank you for your suggestion, Kobi Lurie - "Navigate to the previous line" is actually listed under "Proposed shortcuts", but it's good that you brought it up again.


When is this going to be implemented? I'm so tired of having to moved to mouse, and this is brilliant.
Moreover, could you add "push all subtitles below this line down one line" (maybe Ctrl+Shift+Enter) and "push all subtitles above this line up one line" (Ctrl + Shift + Backspace)? Sometimes when I miss a line, like when you don't pay attention in a quiz, you mess up all the A, B , C , D one line below.

See also Dário Bernardo Teixeira Pereira'a Keyboard Shortcuts topic.


I've subtitled about 4 videos on amara. I took a long time to subtitle first video.
But it wasn't difficult to understand how to subtitle a video using great UI of amara.

But I'd like to suggest improvements: (to make subtitling a mouse-free process)

#1. Most needed: a keyboard shortcut to make a new subtitle with all the text after the cursor (to be placed in the new subtitle)
You could use any shortcut, say Ctrl+Enter. Like Shift+Enter saves a lot of time.
But I need to do a lot of cut & paste to acheive this Ctrl+Enter functioning that I want to achieve most of the time.

I'd say introduce this shortcut & I'd not ask for the below shortcuts. Just kidding!

#2. Navigating between the different subtitles: Like pgup (for previous i.e. upper subtitle on the page) & pgdn keys or any keys you prefer. But one request if a person presses pgup, then the cursor should be at the last of the subtitle. & if a person presses pgdn key then the cursor should at the start of the subtitle.

#3. Like we get to see total number of characters in each subtitle line. It would be helpful if it could also tell the cursor (at current position) has completed "this many" characters.

#4. A keyboard shortcut to merge the current subtitle with the previous subtitle.

#5. A keyboard shortcut to merge the current subtitle with the next subtitle. (I think less use as of now but some person may find it useful)

#6. You can see this photo that the information on the right hand side (that shows the number of subtitle lines,etc) is placed a little bit below than it should be.
So to see this information, I've to scroll up everytime.

I've made a form here, you can also fill that.

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Thank you for your suggestions, Sukrit. And in particular for the photo illustrating #6 and for the form, which I filled.

Actually, in the page opened by the Community tab on top of Amara pages, there is a Help Amara Development & Testing: maybe you would be interested in this?




Hello everyone,

I have a problem the "Insert subs" (Alt+i) shortcuts.

I use the US International keyboard layout for typing foreign languages,
so I use AltGr (right alt) to type diacritics, which makes conflicts with i-accute (Alt+i too).

Could you make the commands customizable, per-shortcut?

Or even change Alt+i to other key binding, let's say Ctrl+Enter?


-- Daniel

Thank you very much for this important info, Daniel. Could you please repeat it in a ticket (which you can create via This way it will go directly to Amara's technical staff who will be able to address the issue.


Claude Almansi


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