Amara does not physically store any videos; they are located elsewhere in the Internet (YouTube, Vimeo, etc). To "submit a video” means to enter into the system the URL where your video is stored. You can do this with the use of Add a Video panel on the home page:

or through the dedicated Subtitle a Video page, which is accessible through Subtitle Videos button in the header menu:

Once you paste and submit a video URL, Amara will retrieve and save the title and description of this video. It will import any subtitles made available at its original source, so sometimes you will find transcripts filled in when you go to subtitle. In such cases, these transcripts still need to be double-checked and synced with the timing of the video before they are considered complete. 

If a video is marked as private at its original source and you add it to Amara, it will not be able to get added. However, if it is added to Amara and then it is made private, it will remain visible. Unlisted videos can be added to Amara and will be visible to all users.

 If you are interested in subtitling your private videos on Amara, please contact Amara Enterprise.