Uploading Subtitles

If you already have a transcript or timed subtitles for your video, you can upload them and, if necessary, edit.

Supported subtitle formats:

Accepted formats are SRT, SSA, SBV, VTT, DFXP and TTML format, which means the files should end in .srt, .ssa, .sbv, .vtt, .dfxp or .xml.  You can also upload an untimed transcript (TXT).

  • SRT (the standard subtitle format supported by most video players)

  • SSA (SubStation Alpha subtitle format)

  • TTML (Timed Text Markup Language, subtitles in XML format)

  • DFXP (Distribution Format Exchange Profile, subtitles in XML format)

  • SBV (YouTube format)
  • VTT (Web Video Text Tracks format)
  • TXT (untimed text separated by empty lines)

Your subtitles should be saved as a plain text file with UTF-8 encoding.


Uploading subtitles from the video page:

If you have a subtitle file for the video you’d like to upload, or an existing transcript you can add them to the video by clicking on the option  Already have subtitles for this video? Upload them directly which is located on the left from the video on the main video page:

Warning: videos in some teams may not have these options. If this is the case, please check the next section - Uploading subtitles from the subtitle editor.

You will see Upload Subtitles dialog:

Select the Language of the subtitles from the drop-down list and specify the location of the source file on your computer. If the subtitles in the source file cover all the video and are synced, you may want to mark them as complete by checking This subtitle file is 100% complete box. Finally, click Upload button.

It may take the system some time to import the subtitles and add a new language for the video. 

Close the dialog box after uploading by clicking on the red x at the corner. 

When uploading is finished, you will be redirected to Video Info page. If you do not see the language you have just added in the Subtitles list, please refresh the page in a minute.


Uploading subtitles from the subtitle editor:

If you are not seeing Already have subtitles for this video? Upload them directly options, it is likely the video is part of a moderated team. Try joining the team so that you are able to add or upload the subtitles. 

Once you have become a team member, open the list of tasks for the video by clicking View tasks for this video link on the left from the video: 

Select the task for the desired language and hover your mouse over Perform Task link. This will expand the drop-down menu. Select Start now (or Resume) option to open the subtitle editor.
In the subtitle editor, select Upload Subtitles item from the Tools menu (Wrench icon):

This will invoke the following dialog:

Select the desired file from your computer and click Upload button to proceed. 

If you had had any unsaved changes in the editor prior to uploading, you may see another dialog warning you about that. Choose Leave the page to abandon the changes and go ahead with uploading or Stay on page to click Cancel and save the changes.