Go to a video page on Amara (example) and find the following text on the left from the video:

Already have subtitles for this video? Upload them directly.

Click the "upload" link and a dialog will prompt you to pick a file from your computer. You will also be asked which language the subtitle file or transcript is in.

Our site accepts SRT, SSA, SBV, DFXP, TTML, and TXT format. Only files ending in .srt, .ssa, .sbv, .dfxp, .txt or .xml (for TTML) are accepted; the file extension must match its format. 


An untimed text transcript (.txt) must be broken into chunks, with blank lines between the subtitles, for example:


Hello, this is my first line of the subtitle transcript

And here is my second line of the transcript, but it's exceptionally long,

so I actually chunked it up into the second and third lines.

Important: The files must be saved with UTF-8 encoding. Files saved with different encoding may be rejected, or the text may be uploaded and displayed incorrectly.