Amara Community

To add your video to the site, simply paste in the URL to your video here:


If you're using a service, like YouTube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo, just paste in the URL from the webpage with the video on it.


YouTube URL example:




If you're hosting your own video, using a custom video player, or a host like BrightCove we'll need a direct URL to the video file (eg. URL should end in .mp4, .flv, .ogg etc).


Video URL example:


Note: Amara never hosts videos — we simply overlay subtitles & tools on top of videos, wherever they're hosted.


Amara Professional Platform

To add video to your organization's account follow these steps:

Log in > in the "Me" navigation menu, click your organization's page > click “add video”

Paste in the video URL. You will have the option to add and/or edit metadata for the video once it's imported.

Importing videos via Amara API
The API can be used to automatically add media and metadata to your organization's page.