Are subtitles man-made or created by a computer automatically?

All the subtitles on Amara are created by people - either volunteers (Amara community) or by professional caption makers (Amara Pro Services).

Amara Community

Anyone can join Amara Community by signing up and creating a user account on Amara - it is free and easy to do. Learn more >>>

Anyone in Amara Community can submit new videos to the site and add or edit subtitles and translations for other videos submitted to (However, if a video is subtitled by an organized team, some restrictions may apply, depending on the team.)

All the subtitles created by Amara Community members are public and visible to human viewers and search engines. They can be edited, by they cannot be deleted from the site, except by Amara personnel under exceptional circumstances. Please check Amara Terms of Service >>>

The history of all edits made to any subtitles remains stored on the site and can be viewed via the "Revisions" tab on a video's subtitle page (example). Learn more about subtitle revisions >>>

Amara Professional Services

You can purchase transcripts and translations from professional caption makers and translators. Your video and subtitles will remain private. To submit an order, please visit this page.

Amara Enterprise

Amara Enterprise service enables you to create your own, either public or private, subtitling space ("team"), where you can control the way subtitles are created, checked for quality, and stored in the system. There’s a lot of flexibility in how you do this — you can use invite volunteers from Amara Community to help you subtitle your videos, or organize your own private crowd of caption makers. You can also set up permissions to control who can edit subtitles, assign subtitle making to selected users, or impose quality control for subtitles by peer review. To learn more about Amara Enterprise services, please check this page.