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First of all, our Solutions area has information including Frequently Asked QuestionsHow-tosinstructions on editing subtitles, and Troubleshooting guide.

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Also try: Forum: How to ask effective questions.

Think you’ve found a bug?

In case you have come upon something on our site that you think is not working correctly, or is working opposite to what is described in the Solutions or Forum, please follow these steps:

1. Try out different solutions: try performing the actions in a different browser, clearing your cache or cookies, and/or restarting your computer.

2. Review existing issues

Many other people report issues on Amara – please check the different threads to ensure you’re not re-reporting an issue.

3. Search the forum

Please search the forums to see if others have written about similar issues, and find possible solutions and workarounds. If you find a relevant thread, it’s better that you add a post there before you file a ticket.

4. File a ticket

If it appears that there are no pre-existing issues or forum threads about your issue and you've made sure it is not a problem with your computer, other software or how you are performing an action, please sign up and log in, and click "Submit a ticket" on the top of the screen. Or you can email your question to

Super Important! Please follow our guidelines for good tickets – this helps us provide better support to everyone. Thanks!