Towards the end of 2019, we ran a lot of user testing sessions to understand how to make Amara even better. Huge thanks to everyone who participated, we learned a lot!

And now we are very excited to share the new Amara user experience with you! 

New Amara Navigation - easier than ever 

Easily switch between our Amara Public workspace and our new Team Workspace. 


Header navigation with amara public workspace and team workspace 

Amara Public Workspace

Amara Public Workspace is designed for collective subtitle creation by all Amara users. Go there to add, view and subtitle public videos on Amara added by yourself or other Amara users. If you have existing subtitles you can upload them to the videos as well as download any completed subtitles.

 Amara Team Workspace 

Amara Team Workspace provides easy access to the teams you manage and contribute to. You can also find teams to join if you are looking for volunteering opportunities.


Amara editor updates

In addition to the new design and navigation, we have been working on making the subtitling process even more efficient. 


New Features for Amara Free 

Our free editor now allows you to toggle the video into full screen and back. Simply press Option+Enter (on Mac) or Alt+Enter (on Windows) or use our new video setting menu. 

The video settings menu is also the new home for changing the playback mode.


New video settings menu for Amara Free


New Features for Amara teams 

Playback speed: You now have full control over the playback speed of the video. Adjust the speed using our new video setting menu.


Video settings menu for new Amara Teams


Waveform: Our new waveform feature allows you to sync your subtitled more precisely and identify and skip sequences of silence. You can hide the waveform and bring it back at any time depending on your needs. Note: Waveform not available for old-style Task Teams


Hide or show the new waveform depending on your needs



We really hope you like our Amara’s new look, navigation and functionality!