Amara On Demand (AOD) delivers on Amara’s mission of ensuring online content is truly accessible to everyone. This means affordable AND high-quality subtitles. At Amara, we take extra care to deliver quality subtitles knowing millions of people rely on them to access content.

Amara On Demand includes:

  • Professional captions and subtitles – created by native speakers

  • All-human workflow – where linguists are valued as people

  • Quality review – on all subtitles before delivery

  • Exclusive discounts – for select languages 


Explore this link to submit an order to Amara On Demand for YouTube Creators to get started. 

  • Creators (6% off) 

YouTube Creators 6% discount chart Captions Only in English, Spanish and Portuguese Brazilian - $3.29 Translation from English for Spanish and Portuguese Brazilian - $8.46. Pricing is per video minute of runtime. Translation services require the purchase of English captions from Amara On Demand

  • Creators using Amara Community (12% off)

  • Exclusive YouTube discount is available only:

    • With purchase of prepaid bundle, starting at $50

    • For the languages listed above

    • With Standard service delivery (see details below)

    • For videos hosted on YouTube

    • Via the Buy Amara On Demand link

  • To receive the higher Amara Community discount, you must have an active Amara Community subscription

  • Pricing is based on the runtime of the entire length of a video, to the second

  • Highly specialized content (medical, scientific, or other technical terms) may incur an additional fee

  • Poor audio may incur an additional fee

  • Discounts are not cumulative; no double discounts

  • Standard service turnaround / delivery times:

    • Captions: 2-3 business days for content of 30 minutes or less

    • Translation: 4-5 business day for content of 30 minutes or less

    • Add 1 business day for every additional 30 minutes of video

  • Pricing includes access to the Amara Editor for making edits, if necessary

  • Amara On Demand provides translations in over 50 languages. 


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For questions contact us at


Thank you for your support of an inclusive and accessible media ecosystem!

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