Invite the world to edit your subtitles

Amara Free is a subtitle editing and creation tool. Enable people from across the globe to help caption and translate your videos.

Amara Free includes:

  • Amara Editor – an easy to use multi-award winning tool (learn more)

  • Public editing – invite everyone to subtitle your videos (learn more)

  • 6% discount on Amara On Demand – our professional captioning and translation service (learn more)

  • YouTube integration – basic integration with your YouTube channel

    • Your videos are added to Amara, so captions can be created by anyone

    • A link to Amara is added to each video description, so your viewers have access to help subtitle your video



View your videos on Amara

Go to the Amara Public Workspace to view public videos on Amara added by yourself or other Amara users. 


Screenshot of Amara Public Workspace and Team Workspace tabs on Amara pages

Choose the language you view the Amara site in and learn about updating your profile, resetting passwords, and privacy for your Amara user account. 


For complete details check out this article:


Connect your YouTube channel to Amara to:

  • Create and export subtitles from Amara to your YouTube channels

  • Connect YouTube channels to a team (if you are an administrator)

  • Automatically import subtitles from YouTube to Amara 

  • Confirm subtitle export from Amara to YouTube


Special Discounts for YouTube Creators on Amara On Demand

  • Creators (6% off) 

  • Creators using Amara Community (12% off)


Thank you for your contributions to support an inclusive and accessible media ecosystem!


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