(Note:  the screenshot is meant as a guide for navigating the interface, some instructions now appear differently on the Amara screen)

  1. Video Player

Located in the top-left of the interface, this will show you the video along with your subtitles overlayed.

  1. Text-Box for entering subtitles

Located directly underneath the video player, this is where you enter your subtitles. Hitting “enter” will create a new subtitle line, hitting Shift + Enter will create a second row of text under your existing caption.

  1. Entered Subtitle Lines

Your previous translation lines will appear here after hitting “enter.”

  1. Speed Mode

This is located on the right-hand side of the interface, and is where you can change the speed mode settings. There are three settings that you can choose from:

    1. Beginner: Play 4 seconds at a time, and then pause.
    2. Recommended: magical autopause (just keep typing!):

This mode will detect when you begin typing fast, and pause the video for you. It will also begin playing once you’re done typing.

    1. Expert: no automatic pausing (use TAB key):

You are in full control of how often, and when the video begins and stops

playing by using the tab key.

The “TAB” button is your friend-- regardless what Speed Mode you are using, hitting “TAB” you will be able to start and stop the video at any time.

The power of “TAB” + “SHIFT”: This will allow you to skip backwards 4 seconds in the video at any time in case you missed something!

  1. Restart this Step

This button will undo whatever work you’ve done in each step. If you hit this button on the Typing step, it will remove the subtitles you’ve entered. If you hit this button on the Sycning step, it will remove all of the start points for your subtitles, etc.

  1. The Red “X”

Clicking on the Red X in the upper righthand corner give you three options:

    1. Cancel: This will back you back to the Translation interface as though you never clicked “cancel” in the first place. Whew!
    2. Discard: This will clear out the subtitles you had been working on. All of the work you had completed will be deleted. If you were continuing your work from a previous draft-- don’t worry, that earlier draft should still be saved as a Revision.
    3. Submit Subtitles: This will submit the subtitle lines you entered, and the timing for each line to be published, or sent to review/approval.

  1. Save and Exit

This will save your subtitles, and take you out of the Transcription Interface. If you’re in the middle of doing your subtitling work, and need to take a break, make sure to click this link to save your work.