What type of subtitling work do we do at AOD?

  • Native language captioning

  • Translation from English into native language

  • Translation from native language into English

If both the video language and the subtitle language are not English, linguists translate from video language into English and then from English into the subtitle language. This provides an additional Quality Assurance step to improve our output.


Diagram of our translation protocol where a non-english video language is translated into english before being translated into the final subtitle language

AOD Dashboard

The AOD Dashboard looks very similar to a dashboard on any team, with one major difference: this new AOD dashboard contains assignments from all of your active AOD teams in one place.

Browse all assignments, search for a video title, or combine filters to find the work you are looking for. You can filter by languages, teams, assignment types, and more!

If you want to view all the assignments for videos on a specific team, click the filter icon on the top left of your AOD dashboard and select the Source team filter. Search for the team you want, then click Apply to view your results. You can even narrow your search down to a specific job order from a source team.

See assignments from all of your AOD teams in your AOD dashboard.

Note: The AOD Dashboard will be available in the Amara username menu after May 6, 2019. Click the link above to visit the dashboard until then.

AOD dashboard with applied filters and an available translation assignment


Important: Make sure you are logged in using your AOD username, not any other account on Amara.

Language-Pair teams

We wanted to respect the expertise of our linguists and encourage community between professionals who share translation proficiency. So we created language pair teams as a place for our AOD linguists to find and organize their work alongside their fellow translators.

We also wanted to ensure the highest level of quality in our subtitles. Having language pair teams also allowed us to create separate same-language teams where all subtitles in the video language are created. By ensuring the quality of our same language subtitles, we also improve translations.

Amara On Demand linguists can view their current teams by clicking their username in the top right corner of the amara.org site.


Detail screenshot of username menu on amara.org

Submitting Timesheets

Linguists must submit a timesheet after each completed assignment. With the changes to our team structure, linguists need to be careful to enter the source team number when submitting their timesheets. 

The source team for an assignment is the team on Amara that the video belongs to.

When you check out the details of your assignment, you will be able to see the source team number: 


Source team is highlighted in the assignment details dialog box in amara.org

You can also see the source team number if you go to your Assignments History, click on the completed assignment, and look at the video information:


Source team highlighted on video details page

Thank you for your contributions to support an inclusive and accessible media ecosystem!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please share your feedback!

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