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What kind of videos can I add?

Add from a hosting site OR use a direct link. 


Before adding a video to a team

Only add videos that you own or have obtained permission to share. 

Public videos are easiest for allowing Amara users to view and subtitle. Learn more about video permissions in our integration articles:


Important: Amara does not host videos

  • We only import video information

  • Video must be embeddable and public to view on Amara

    • Check host site settings, whitelist if necessary

    • If a video is private, users will not be able to view it

    • If a video is password protected, users must enter the password to view


Who can add videos to your team?

Team Owners can choose who can add videos to the team on the team Settings > Permissions page. 

  • Permission to add videos can be given to Admins, Managers, or Any Team Member by selecting the box. 

Permissions settings page for an Amara team with video management section highlighted.


Where can I add videos to my team? 

  • Team page > Videos tab

  • Page for a public Amara video

  • Using Amara integrations with video hosting sites

  • Using RSS video feeds

Add Videos on the team Video page ⏷

You can add videos to your team by selecting the team in the dropdown under your username in the top-right of the page when signed in to your Amara account. 

Add videos button highlighted on Amara team videos page.

You can also add multiple videos for bulk projects. 

Add multiple video URLs tab highlighted in Add Video dialog box for Amara teams.


Add Videos from Amara Public Workspace ⏷

Amara’s public video library

Click the Add/Edit subtitles button and click Move video to your team in the dropdown.

Highlighted menu for the Add/Edit subtitles button for a public video on Amara.

Add Videos Through Integrations ⏷

Note: Unlisted YouTube videos will not automatically import to the team, even if integration or feeds have been set for a YouTube channel. Only videos with privacy set to public will automatically import to the team.

Add RSS Video Feeds

Go to your team page -> Settings -> Feeds to add RSS video feeds to import videos to your team on Amara.  

Add video feed button highlighted on the feeds settings page on an Amara team.




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