You have joined a team and are ready to work! But how do you find assignments in your language pairs?

We will show you the several ways to find assignments by availability, language, and job type!

First, let’s go to your Team Dashboard by selecting it from the user menu:

Detail screenshot of user dropdown menu with an example team name highlighted under a cursor 

Team Dashboard

 Screenshot of team dashboard with three areas highlighted

  1. Accept or decline assignments

Click the button below the video thumbnail to open the Amara Editor and start working. If you do not want to complete this assignment, click Decline.

  1. My assignments

View all your active assignments by clicking See all.

  1. Available assignment summary

Click the assignment type to view the assignments of that type in the language you choose in the dropdown menu.

Available Assignments

 Detail screenshot of tabs user must click to get to Video Assignments page

From your Team Dashboard, go to Videos tab > Assignments

  • Available assignments in your language are shown by default

 Screenshot of Videos tab with four areas highlighted: filters, search bar, sort order menu, and assignment action item

  1. Filter assignments

You can filter assignments by video language, subtitle language, project, assignment type, and video length.

  1. Search for assignments by video

         Use video title or ID to search for assignments for a specific video.

  1. Sort assignments

Sort assignments by their due date. The default view shows the assignments due first.

  1. Accept assignments

         Click the button below the video thumbnail to accept the assignment!

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    View and change notification settings on your Amara profile.

 Detail screenshot of user dropdownmenu with Profile option highlighted

Video Details page


 Video details page viewed by administrator of a collaboration team with three areas highlighted



  1. Assignments Summary

    • Filter assignments by your languages or view all assignments

    • Click Manage Requests to view all subtitle requests for a video. Manage requests by

      • Assigning team members (managers and above)

      • Deleting requests (administrators and above)

      • Assigning work and evaluation teams (administrators of multiple teams)


  1. Completed Subtitles lists all completed subtitle requests


  1. Video Details Tabs

    • The Video Info tab lists video title, description, duration, and assigned teams. Get an embed code to share or click the Follow toggle to receive updates for this video

    • The Activity tab lists all team member activity for the video.

    • The comments tab shows all public comments (Note: this does not include subtitle notes submitted in the Amara Editor).

    • The URLs tab shows the URL from the video’s source page (Note: Amara partners with several external hosting sites but does not host videos on our own site).

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Subtitle Details page

 Subtitle details page with three areas highlighted


  1. Subtitle Progress panel

    • Download completed subtitles to your computer (in SBV, DFXP, VTT, SRT, TXT, or SSA formats)

    • View assignments and team members who completed work


  1. Revisions summary

    • Administrators can delete revisions or change the subtitle language if needed


  1. Subtitle Details tabs

    • The Subtitles tab shows the subtitles and their timestamps

    • The Subtitles Info tab shows video information for the subtitle

    • The Activity tab shows all activity by team members

    • The Subtitle Notes tab shows all subtitle notes left by team members in the Amara Editor

    • The Sync History tab shows the status of all attempts at exporting subtitle files to the video source page.

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