If you are an administrator of two or more Amara Teams that allow subtitle requests, you can create collaborative workflows between your teams that help boost the quality of your subtitles.


Note: You cannot use teams that do not allow subtitle requests in a multiple-team workflow.


How can I use multiple Amara teams in my workflow?

  1. Source team: 

    • Add your videos 

    • Create subtitle requests

    • Set Work team (required)

    • Set Evaluation teams (not required)

  2. Work team: 

    • Transcribe subtitles

    • Translate subtitles

    • Review subtitles

  3. Evaluation team: 

    • Evaluate subtitles created in Work team

    • You are not required to set an Evaluation team

    • You can set up to 3 Evaluation teams


Get started on your Source Team


Add Videos to your Source Team

The team where you import your videos is called the Source Team. This is where your workflow starts and where all completed subtitle requests will return.


There are several ways to add videos to your Amara Team:

  • Team Videos tab

  • Team Settings > Feeds

  • With the Amara API


Learn more  about how to add videos to your Amara Teams.

Creating and Sending Subtitle Requests

You can create subtitle requests for one or more videos in multiple languages in the Requests tab of your Source team. Read this article about managing subtitle requests.


You must choose a Work team when you create a subtitle request in your Source team. The default work team is the Source team. Click the dropdown menu and select another team if you want to send an outgoing request.


Create subtitle request dialog box showing the default work team as the source team where you added your videos


The Work team completes transcription, translation, review, and approval. When all assignments are completed, the subtitle returns to the Source team.


If you would like another team to evaluate the quality of the Work team’s subtitles, you can add up to 3 Evaluation Teams.


Check the status of subtitle requests, outgoing requests, incoming requests, and evaluations in the Requests tab of your Amara Team. 


Note: Members of one team cannot work on outgoing requests sent to another team.


Diagram showing subtitle request workflow between source team and work team


Optional Evaluation


You also have the option of adding up to 3 Evaluation teams to your workflow. Evaluation teams review subtitles completed by the Work Team. If no Evaluation Teams are chosen, subtitle requests return to the Source Team after all assignments are completed by the Work Team.


The Evaluation team receives their assignment after the Work team has completed the subtitles. If no Evaluation team is chosen, completed subtitles are returned to the Source Team:


Diagram showing workflow between source team, work team, and evaluation team


Important: Do not set the same team as both the Work team and Evaluation team. Do not add one team twice as an evaluation team. Both of these choices will stop the subtitle request from being created.


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