In the Management > Videos tab you can filter, search, sort, select, add, and manage videos for your Collaboration Team.

As an owner or administrator, you can also create subtitle requests in the Video section for several videos at a time in multiple subtitle languages. Go to your Collaboration Team > Management tab > Videos tab to get started!

Image of Videos section with highlighted areas numbered 1 through 7

1. Video filters

2. Search bar

3. Sort order menu

4. Add videos

5. Context menu

6. Selection Checkboxes

7. Slide up menu

Video filters

Filters are on the left side of the page. You can filter by video language, requested subtitle languages (complete/still needed), project name, and video length.

Search bar

Search by video title or video ID in the search bar located above the video list.

Sort order menu

The sort order menu is on the upper right of the Videos section. The default order is from newly added videos at the top to older videos at the bottom.

The sort order menu lets you sort videos by: 

  • Date added

  • Video title (A-Z)

  • Video length

  • Number of subtitles completed/needed

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Add videos

To add a video, click the Add videos link at the top right. Then enter the video URL, the primary language spoken in the video, and project name (optional). You can also add multiple video URLs at once for videos with the same spoken language.

 Add video dialog box with URL and Video language entry sections highlighted

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Context menu

The context menu appears when hovering over a video row. From here, you can view the Subtitle details page, create a new request, or edit/remove the video.

Context menu for a video entry on the Videos Management tab

If you select Manage requests for this video, you are taken to a summary of all subtitle requests for the video. This summary includes all subtitle languages requested and the assignment status for each language.

If you are an administrator of two or more teams, you can also view incoming and outgoing requests in the same summary.

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Selection Checkboxes

Select videos by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the video thumbnail. Then choose the action you want to perform in the slide up menu at the bottom of the page. 

Note: You can remove, move, edit a video by hovering over the row and clicking on the highlighted upside-down caret to the right.

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Slide up menu

After you select videos, the available actions will appear in a slide-up menu at the bottom of the screen. 


Remove Videos

You can remove videos from your team or delete them entirely. Choose and confirm your choice in the dialog box that opens when you choose Remove.

 Removing videos dialog box

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Move Videos

If you are an administrator of two or more Collaboration teams, you can move videos from one team to another.

You can also move a video to a Project folder within a team.

 Moving video dialog box

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Edit Videos

Change a video’s title, spoken language, project, and thumbnail.

Clicking Edit opens this dialog:


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Create Requests

In the Create Requests dialog box:

  1. Select subtitle languages for the selected videos

  2. Choose the teams that will complete the subtitle requests

  3. (Optional) Choose up to 3 Evaluation teams to evaluate requests completed by the Work Team.You must be an administrator of 2 or more teams to use evaluations.


Creating new requests dialog box

Click here to learn more about creating requests manually!

Click here to learn more about creating requests automatically!

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