If you are an owner of an Amara team...

You can choose to incorporate machine-assisted captioning (MAC) in English into your workflow for $0.50 for each video minute of spoken language. If you are a current Amara team owner or Enterprise client interested in using machine-assisted captioning in your workflow, send an email to  enterprise@amara.org  so that we can set up your MAC team.

Your email should include:

  • Current team name

  • Amara username

Please note: We do not currently support machine-assisted translation. If your video contains audio in a language other than English, the captioning software will create subtitles as if English is being spoken.

If you already have a MAC team...

Requesting machine-assisted captions for a video:

Create a subtitle request and set the work team to your designated MAC team. Your source team should receive subtitles within 2 hours from submitting the request. If the subtitle page for the video still reads “provider request in progress” after that time, please submit a support ticket by emailing support@amara.org so that we can troubleshoot why the request is not completing. 

Your support ticket should include:

  • Team name

  • Amara username

Note: For videos longer than 2 hours, allow for extra time before submitting a support ticket.


To avoid the failure of a MAC request, please make sure your video:

  • Has at least a couple of sentences of audio content in English

  • Has the highest quality audio possible

  • Is public

  • Is embeddable

MAC works best for videos with minimal background noise with one person speaking at a time.

Whether or not you choose to create a MAC team, you can continue to create subtitle requests manually and automatically within your teams.