To access the page, click on the Members section of a Collaboration team. Access is restricted to team members.


Member directory page of a Collaboration team viewed by a manager with six sections highlighted and numbered from left to right

  1. Role and language filters

Located on in the upper left of the page, these filters allow you to narrow down your search results


  1. Search bar

The search bar takes inputs of either username or full name.


  1. Team member listings

Team members filtered by the role, language, sort filters and the search bar appear here. Each listing includes the team member’s full name, username, role, and languages. Send a message to a team member by clicking the green envelope to the right of the team member listing.

  1. Invite member link

This link appears in the upper right of the page if the user is permitted to invite members, based on the team’s admission policy. The admission policy is configurable by team admins in Team Settings > Workflow. Inviting a member to join a team skips the application process.



Workflow settings determine who can view link to add new members:

  • Open: All team members can view

  • Invitation: Only team members allowed to invite can view

  • Application: Only Administrators can view


Clicking “Invite members” will open this dialog box:


 Invite member dialog box for Collaboration teams with Invite by email option selected


User roles can be set in the invitation process. Users can be invited by their username or their email address. If the email address is not associated with an existing Amara account, the user will receive instructions to create a new account to start working on the team.

  1. Sort filter

The sort filter in the upper right of the page can reorder the results from the most recently joined member on top (default) to the oldest member on top. 

  1. Members header 

Visible from all Collaboration team pages, the Members header leads you to the Member Directory. 

Admin features

Member directory page viewed by administrator with two additional features highlighted and numbered from left to right


  1. Check boxes

If you are an Administrator, check the boxes next to each team member to change their role or remove them from the team.

  1. Review applications

Go to Settings > Workflow to manage how new users can join your team.

The “Review applications” link appears for team admins only if the team admission policy is “Application.” Use this link to review the team’s pending applications.

Changing a Member’s Role:

Administrators of Collaboration teams can change the role of a user on the Member Directory page to Contributor, Project/Language Manager, and Manager. Owners can also change user roles to Administrator and Owner.

When an Administrator or Owner sets a user’s role to Project/Language Manager, they must select one or more projects and/or languages for that user to have managerial permissions for:


Change role dialog with project and language selectors highlighted for a project/language manager role