To access the page, click on the Members section of a Collaboration team. Access is restricted to team members.


  1. Role and language filters

 Located on in the upper left of the page, these filters allow you to narrow down your search results.

  1. Search bar

 The search bar takes inputs of either username or full name.

  1. Team member listings

 Team members filtered by the role, language, sort filters and search bar appear here. Each listing includes the  team member’s full name, username, role, and languages. Send a message to a team member by clicking the  green envelope to the right of the team member listing. View the user's profile by clicking on their profile photo or  their name.

  1. Invite member link

This link appears in the upper right of the page if the user is permitted to invite members, based on the team’s admission policy. The admission policy is configurable by team admins in Team Settings > Workflow. Inviting a member to join a team bypasses the application process.

    5. Sort filter

The sort filter in the upper right of the page can reorder the results from the most recently joined member on top (default) to the oldest member on top. 

    6. Members header 

Visible from all Collaboration team pages, the Members header leads you to the Member Directory. 

Admin features

  1. Check boxes

If you’re an Admin, check the boxes next to each team member to change their role or remove them from the team.

  1. Application Review link

This link appears for team admins only if the team admission policy is “Application.” Use this link to review the team’s pending applications.

The updated Member Directory was added to the Collaboration Teams UI on December 4, 2017.