This roadmap highlights the improvements planned for Amara. Priorities can change as we face new challenges, and as we discover more about how we can make your experience better!

You can share your ideas and feedback for the platform with us by emailing or posting in the forums.

Currently in progress:

  • Amara Editor improvements:
    • position subtitle to top of video player
    • delete all blank subtitles
    • new layout for editor tool menus to enable adding new features without cluttering interface

Coming soon:

  • Editor features:
    • join subtitles
    • customizable warnings for characters per line and characters per second
  • Collaboration Teams

    • updated Invite Member page

    • add project and language manager permission level

    • updated UI for Settings pages

    • enable configurable notifications

Completed improvements:

Q2 2018

Q1 2018

Q4 2017

Q3 2017

  • Https only for

  • New homepages and headers with improved navigation

  • Upgraded Amara <> Brightcove Integration

  • New infrastructure

  • Collaboration teams: 

    • ability to reopen subtitle requests after complete

    • Ability to send back work from evaluation team to work team

Q2 2017

  • Collaboration teams new pages (Amara v1.8 release)

    • Management Page - improved team management capabilities for managers and admins

    • Videos Overview page 

    • Team Dashboard

    • Video Details Page

    • Subtitle Details Page

    • Member Profile Page

  • Evaluation assignment for multiple team workflows fully supported in new Collaboration Teams UI

  • Collaboration team project filters expanded to support multiple team workflows

Q1 2017

  • Improvements to support of new subtitle formats: SCC, ITT, CAP

  • Improved caching to protect against DDoS attacks

  • Ability to set up API callbacks for for multiple teams

  • Collaboration teams: Ability for admins to set either Assignment Deadlines based on when work is claimed or Due Dates based on fixed delivery date