Amara user interface is in English. It is being translated into dozens of other languages by volunteers at Amara localization project on

Before, Amara server tried to check the language preferences of your Web browser and automatically load pages in the language that matched your locale. You could change the language of Amara user interface by editing the Web page URLs, but had no option to select the desired language manually. Now this has changed - the language selector is finally here! You can find it in the bottom right corner of Amara pages:

You can easily switch between the languages (for example, your native language and English) any moment you find that some translation is inadequate. It would be awesome if you could take a moment to sign up with the Amara translation project and correct the translation you found confusing and misleading!

Please note that some Amara team pages do not have this selector yet. This is because these pages are undergoing a makeover and the selector will become available with the new design - stay tuned for further updates!