After you sign up to Amara, you may want to take a moment and fill out the page in your profile that stores your personal data - language preferences, first (given) and last (family) name, short biography, link to your personal page or a social network profile, add a photo or another image for an avatar.

Important: please keep in mind that Amara user profiles are exposed to public search engines and do not automatically get purged if you try to "delete" your account, so choose carefully what you want to tell the world about yourself!

To open your Personal Info page, click your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select Profile item from the drop-down menu:

We strongly recommend to take a moment and fill out your language preferences - you may select up to 6 languages you can transcribe or translate videos in. The languages you select will be used as top choice when you add subtitles to a video, browse available subtitling assignments in a team, receive broadcasted messages from team administrators, etc. When you join subtitling teams, having language preferences set is a requirement.

The remaining information is up to you. When uploading a photo or another image, please keep the image file size under 500 KB; if necessary, crop it or save with a less resolution. Click Save Changes for your edits to get stored.

If you wish to deactivate your account, please remember to remove the photo and any unwanted details from this page and save the changes before you proceed.