Suppose you have created a user account on Amara with a username and password of your choice. This means that normally you will need to remember and type these username and password again and again every time you sign in to Amara. However, if you have (and actively use) an account on Facebook or Twitter, you can be spared the pain of re-typing your credentials at each sign in - instead, you can sign in with a single mouse click. To make this possible, you need to link a Facebook or Twitter account to your user profile on Amara. This action is easy, safe, 100% reversible, and will not publicize any data from your social network accounts.

To link a Facebook or Twitter account to your Amara profile:

1. Make sure you are signed in to Facebook or Twitter with the use of your own account. This is particularly important if you share a computer with somebody else.

2. Open Account page in your profile (by clicking your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen and selecting Account item from the drop-down menu). 

3. Scroll down to Other Accounts section and click Add an account button:

This will invoke the following dialog:

Select the appropriate account type (Facebook or Twitter) from the drop-down list and click Link button to complete the action. You will see an entry appear under Add an account button:

Now you can interchangeably use your username and password or Facebook and/or Twitter button to sign in to Amara as described in Sign In section. Both methods should work equally well, it is up to you what to choose.

However, do watch out if you share a computer with another Facebook or Twitter user - if your friend or family member is signed in to Facebook with her own account and you try to sign in as a Facebook user in another browser tab, the system will find no match to this Facebook token and will prompt you to sign up as a new user. In this case, just go back to Sign In page, log out of Facebook and log in as yourself, and retry.

Removing a linked Facebook or Twitter account

If you wish to disconnect your Twitter or Facebook account, you can do so anytime by clicking Remove button opposite the account ID. Except for single-click sign in option, nothing else in your account settings will be affected.