The credentials for your user account on Amara - username, password, and email address - can be updated through Account tab in your user profile. To access this page, click your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select Account item from the drop-down menu:

This will open Account tab in your user profile. In addition to the credentials (user details), it also provides several additional options which are described below.

User Details

To change your username or email address, edit the value in the relevant field on User Details panel. To change your password, type it twice - in New password and Confirm new password fields. When you finish making changes, type your current password in Current password field to prove your identity and click Save Changes button.

If you do not have any password so far (this can happen if you signed up with the use of Google, TED, Facebook, or another social network account) or have forgotten it, click reset it by email link under the button. Follow the instructions on the screen and check your email inbox for the password reset link. Please note that you need a valid email address to be associated with your user account for this. If you have neither valid email address not a functional password, please contact Amara Tech Support at for assistance.

YouTube Sync

This feature enables you to link your personal YouTube channel to your user account on Amara. Once you have linked the channel, this will automatically import all the videos (except private ones) and subtitles (except ASR - automated speech recognition - tracks) from the channel to Amara. Subtitles created for your videos on Amara will be automatically synced to YouTube.

You can disconnect the channel from Amara at any time, but the imported videos will not be removed from Amara.

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Other Accounts

If you actively use Facebook or Twitter, you can tell your user account on Amara who you are on these networks. If you do so, you will no longer need to type your username and password when you sign in to Amara; instead, you can just click Facebook or Twitter button, respectively, on Sign In page. This feature does just that - helps you to sign in to Amara with a single mouse click. No data is pulled from Facebook (or Twitter) to Amara, and nothing is sent there.

If you signed up to Amara with the use of Facebook or Twitter account, you will find the corresponding records in this section. You can unlink from your Facebook or Twitter accounts any time - just make sure you know your username and password before unlinking!

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This section enables you to customize the way you get updated about the changes to your videos, subtitles, teams, assignments, new personal and team broadcasting messages, etc.

Notify by message - if this checkbox is checked, you will receive the system notifications through your onsite message inbox. Clearing this checkbox will disable onsite messaging; we do recommend to leave this option enabled.

Notify by email - if this checkbox is checked, copies of personal messages and system notifications will be sent to the email address associated with your user account. You may turn this option off, if you like - just remember to keep checking your onsite inbox to make sure you have not missed anything important!

API Access

This option enables you to generate an API key in case you need to use Amara API. Most users will never need it.

Delete Account

The button at the bottom of the page allows you to deactivate your user account on Amara in case you do not need it anymore. Account deletion cannot be undone without assistance from Amara Tech Support, so please do not try this option unless you are absolutely sure you do not need your account.

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