Some Brightcove videos do not interact gracefully with Amara editor - you may experience difficulties starting and pausing the video with the use of Play/Pause button for the video or TAB key. You may also be unable to see time ticks on the timeline.

If the video doesn't start at all, the most likely reason is that your browser is blocking content that mixes http and https links, as is the case for Brightcove's player. Usually it'll be enough to change the URL in the navigation bar so it starts with http:// instead of https://, and pressing Enter to load the modified URL.

If this doesn't work, you can whitelist Brightcove on Firefox by following these steps:

1. Copy the URL in the URL tab for the video on the navigation bar, and press enter.

2. A blank page will load, and a green lock with a warning sign will be displayed left of the navigation bar.

3. Click the lock, then the big arrow on the side.

4. Disable the mixed content/security block

5. Open the Amara editor. The video should play now.

This will affect only Brightcove links and it won't be remembered between sessions, so you may have to do this again the next time you want to play a Brightcove video.

If you experience other difficulties, try:

1. Check that Flash Player is installed: If not, download Flash from Adobe or use alternative plugins.

2. If the problem still continues, try using Mozilla Firefox instead of Chrome.

3. If none of the above helps, you can report the issue to